Joyce’s Legacy

Joyce’s Legacy

In 2013 JJ’s Construction & Landscaping was born out of hard work and love.

JJ was an affectionate term given to my mother Joyce by her youngest grandchild Annie.

Mum was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer in 2011. She was born in 1940 in the depression years and learned through these hard times about hard work, honesty and the importance of sustainable relationships.

In 2013 my husband Malcolm was launching a new business after being in the Construction and Landscaping industry in Victoria and ACT for over 20 years. He was searching for a name with substance. Annie suggested to name the business JJ’s. Mum was ecstatic she viewed it as Malcolm and her venture together. Mum had never had her own business before and considered this step her final milestone with her much loved son-in-law Malcolm.

Mum (JJ) passed away October 16th 2013. JJ’s Construction & Landscaping Pty Ltd now thrives as her legacy based on hard work, honesty and the importance of sustainable relationships.

The Barton family and JJ’s Construction & Landscaping Pty Ltd honours a wonderful lady and sends much strength to those in need.

Each year, about 1400 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The average age at diagnosis is 64. It is the tenth most common cancer in women in Australia. Ovarian cancer is usually diagnosed in women over 50.

Ovarian Cancer is silent please be aware of the symptoms: http://www.cancervic.org.au/downloads/resources/booklets/Understanding-Ovarian-Cancer.pdf