Veterans Park



Veterans Park project is a public park and streetscape upgrade undertaken as part of the Canberra City Refurbishment Program.

This project was particularly significant given its proximity to the city and the logistics of constructing the work had to be dealt with meticulous detail. The client at this project had very high expectations of us given our past history with projects such as this and the end result has exceeded their expectations.

This was not just a park upgrade, included in the project are 35 street lights in and around the park all of which required new conduit and cabling. There was 90 metres of new water main installed along the southern boundary of the park connecting the Northbourne Avenue water networks to Bunda Street, this included a street crossing of Mort Street under particularly high level of traffic control. On the souther side of Bunda Street a large joint services trench was installed to cater for new electrical services and communication services connecting ICON services to the city.


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